Features of the of international business development in Ukraine occur in the national economy market transformation. Therefore, general economic factors primarily affect the localization of international business.

CHGroup is the best partner for localizing services to the Ukrainian market, because the main approach to doing business is non-standard approaches and solutions, even in crisis conditions.

Introduce the company to potential markets

Provide market entry with minimal investment

Develop an export strategy and achieve set goals

We acquaint international companies with a potential market for their products and provide entering and presence on the market with minimal investment and risk.

  • We develop a comprehensive export strategy: where the product will be sold, who will buy it, how will we sell it?
  • We implement the developed strategies according to an agreed plan and achieve our goals in the local market(s). Your business grows with minimal investment.

Among the most common risks in localizing a brand on the market is the representative office opening. CHGroup actually offers the client a strategic business development without direct presence.

Thanks to 20 years of experience, the team helps businesses to quickly adapt to the local market and get first financial results, without significant and long-term investments. The CHGroup team cares that your company is ready to work on a foreign market.

The Ukrainian market is considered to be promising for the  international companies localization, because many potentially effective niches are still empty. The IT industry is one of the most attractive market segments in particular.

For localizing your business our task is to minimize the risks of investing, communicate transparently and reduce your time for collecting comprehensive information and study the target market.

Our tasks

Minimize investment risks

Save your time

Communicate transparently

We comprehensively support international companies with technology products that are not ready to be directly present on the market through the local or representative office.