CHGroup technical support is a strategic development and control of the vendor service operation schemes implementation on the Ukrainian market. The professional team comprehensively helps to organize the process of warranty and post-warranty service provision through a partner channel or dedicated service centers accredited by the manufacturer. This includes: business logic, documentation, process control, solving operational issues, training for service center engineers, allocating a vendor’s budget for warranty repairs, etc.

Personal approach to each client

Operational process control

Protection from unforeseen situations

Working in a complex with system inergrators


Top 6 reasons why support by CHGroup is an effective way of building your business:

  • The mobility of the CHGroup company makes it possible to influence the speed of the work and promptly assist in case of service issues emergence;
  • A personal approach to each client makes it possible to carry out marketing support aimed at obtaining the desired result.
  • Operational control of problematic issues solving terms.
  • CHGroup integrated work approach with system integrators.
  • Integration of complex service solutions to support corporate clients.
  • Given the customers’ high demands, CHGroup tries to anticipate the demands of the customer before he has an urgent need for this.

Tech services

Process control


Budget allocation for repairs

Training for service centre engineers

Business logic

Operational issues resolution