For more than 60 years, OKI Europe has supplied the world market with advanced printing solutions based on innovative technologies that meet all business needs. Among the company’s innovative developments are LED printing technologies and environmental devices for high-precision printing. OKI also offers a range of services to optimize printing and workflow.


Thanks to the collaboration of software and hardware technologies, OKI can effectively control its printing and processing costs.

Today, OKI Europe has about 1,100 employees in 21 offices and manufacturing facilities in 60 countries worldwide.

The main client’s business objective

The main client’s business objective is the presence and development of OKI business in a new format, namely, without the direct presence of the company’s representative office on the markets of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

The CHGroup team had the following tasks:

  1. Development and support of the partner channel;
  2. Promotion of OKI products on the markets of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia;
  3. Increase the products sales through the affiliate channel managed by the CHGroup professional team;
  4. OKI company marketing programs localization and implementation to the specified markets.

CHGROUP & OKI EUROPE LIMITED conquering Ukrainian market


Oki Europe Limited manufacturer of products for professional office business printing


Business development of Oki without direct presence in the market

  • Promotion of OKI products
  • Increase in sales volume of products
  • introducing of marketing programs
  • Market research
  • Project development
  • Reorganization of service network
  • Advertizing
  • Development of E-commerce
  • Carrying out shares for dealers
  • Drawing up PR of strategy

CHGroup – confident future of client’s business

After OKI structural changes, CHGroup sought, first of all, to convey information about the presence of the OKI brand on the markets of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova in a new format to the already existing partner channel. Also CHGroup strived for rebuilding the structure of working with distributors and dealers in three countries.

Certainly, the work of CHGroup is aimed at maintaining the products availability, including the latest innovations.

Besides, company faced the following tasks:

  • build a new structure of warranty and post-warranty service without direct representation of the OKI company on the territory of Ukraine;
  • provide consulting support for dealers and end users, conduct and support testing;
  • develop local marketing programs, broadcasts and optimization of international programs for the local market realities (including the Shinrai affiliate program, trainings conducting , foreign seminars organization for OKI partners in Ukraine, providing of consulting, online resources support and development for partners: Oki Academy, OKIPartnernet, etc.);
  • support the OKI brand in the media space;
  • impact on the goals achievement in terms of the products volume supplied to the market with company’s optimized expenses on the  marketing activities.

To effectively meet the goals set, CHGroup came up with a comprehensive OKI development strategy in this region. In particular:

  1. Market research for further OKI brand promotion;
  2. Conducting a series of events to convey information on changes in the OKI company form of the presence. This also includes the annual Shinrai seminar involving OKI representatives as speakers, in order to deliver “first-hand information”.
  3. Conducting painstaking work on the compilation and organization of work with distributors and dealers (contracts, certificates, letters of authorization).
  4. Processing of new and existing projects, maintenance, adaptation.
  5. Complete service network restructuring, further technical staff / engineers of the service center training, approval of budgets, warranty service and post-warranty repair schemes.
  6. Recommendations on the global marketing resources and materials adaptation to the local changes and further promotion through advertising campaigns, newsletters, etc.
  7. E-commerce direction development: holding promotions for dealers, for popularizing products and increasing demand.
  8. Promotion of the OKI brand through marketing advertising campaigns, special promotional offers, seminars, MailChimp campaigns.
  9. Drawing up the company’s PR strategy according to market presence changes.