The main CHGroup product is marketing consulting on introducing and/or returning companies back to the Ukrainian IT market without their direct presence. Entering or returning business to the market after structural changes is a rather complicated process which requires large investments. CHGroup specializes in comprehensive support services for international companies with tech products that are not ready to be directly present on the market through a local office or representative office.


Work with products

Online resources support and development

Tech support, development and consulting

Partners' and clients' tech support

Work on the development, formation and support of the partner network

We provide contractual marketing services that include, but are not limited to, the following tasks:

  • work on the development, formation and support of the partner network;
  • localization and implementation of the brand’s marketing strategy;
  • localization of product information, informing the partner network and customers;
  • providing the necessary assistance in the organization of product certification, if necessary;
  • assistance in organizing technical advice to partners and customers;
  • assistance in the service network organization and its development. Organizing and conducting technical trainings.
  • support, localization and development of various online resources (online resources for training and storing necessary marketing materials with general access to a partner channel, etc.).

Our services for your business:

  • minimization of investment risks;
  • communication transparency and regular reports;
  • saving your time on search for a team/office/comprehensive collection of information and studying the target market;

We have created a brief business map, which lists the main and most complex points of business development in the region, and questions you need to consider and contact us afterwards:

  • Do you have an existing supply model and distribution channel?
  • Is there a pricing model which you will start in the local market with?
  • What are your main competitors in the local market? What is the form of their presence and work in the market, product positioning, etc.?
  • Do you have an energetic leader in local business management?
  • Do you have the formed project team for your entry into the local market?
  • Are you ready to adapt products and even create new offers for the local market?
  • Have you investigated the local market volume for your products?
  • Do you precisely know the legislation and workflow system in the country, which market you plan to enter?
  • Do you have technical support and advice specialists and organized technical service overall?

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