Testing” the local market, or what is the marketing consulting by CHGroup?

The CHGroup mission is to provide 360 ° marketing consulting and strategically integrate it with the vendor’s business in the local market. A team of professionals with 20 years of experience working with international companies provides a full range of services: from market analysis to strategic brand support. We do not leave the company in “the dark”, without understanding how to implement the developed plan. We build a successful business on behalf of the partners company according to the previously agreed plan.

Marketing strategy

Profit growth

Business promotion

First of all, we work on the client’s behalf in the local market. In particular, we are representing companies that, given the sociological, economic or other circumstances, are not ready to make significant investments and to be fully present in the market:

  1. Companies entering the Ukrainian market for the first time. We do client’s business until he can fully open an office, etc.
  2. Companies which are already present in Ukraine, but due to external and internal factors, they decided to cease their direct presence (to close an office, representative office, restructure the business, etc.), keeping the market share.

Main customers

Companies entering the Ukrainian market for the first time

Companies, which are already present in Ukraine

By carrying out a comprehensive adaptation of the client’s business to the local market, we help efficiently and quickly achieve consistent financial results in a particular market.

For each client, we choose a personal approach. Our specialists develop customized solutions taking into account two important criteria: market characteristics and, in fact, the company’s potential.

We start our projects with complete “immersion” in peculiarities of doing a certain client’s business, carry out a comprehensive information gathering, and analyze the information obtained in accordance with the market realities, where the vendor seeks to realize the presence of his brand.

Our efforts are primarily focused on: the partner’s distribution network and channels development, service schemes and warranty service introduction, the formation of customers’ loyalty to the vendor’s/client’s product or service, as well as obtaining benefits for our customers from the marketing programs implementation.

CHGroup marketing support integrates complex solutions to the market, given the vendor’s priorities.

With absolute certainty, it can be noted that a compromise solution to exit, or being present in the market in today’s conditions, is to start “testing” the market or staying there, using the resources that CHGroup offer today.