New form of OKI Europe presence in Ukraine

Kyiv, October 25, 2017 – OKI Europe Limited company together with the CHGroup held a press briefing presenting a new strategy for the presence of a manufacturer in the Ukrainian market, as well as a future development plan.

Wojciech Puchalski,  OKI CEE Export Director has opened the meeting, mentioning that the decision to change the business structure was determined by the change of the market conditions in the EMEA region including the new business opportunities due to the company’s new acquirement. “OKI EuropeLimited has consolidated the offices in several countries into the unified clusters. Although we have chosen not to be present through the company’s representative offices, our commercial goals remain unchanged. We are still aiming at cooperating with the channel and promote our products, but we’ll be now doing it with the help of a professional team which does not belong to OKI structure. Such a team in the Ukrainian market is CHGroup company, which is granted quite a wide range of rights by OKI Europe Limited”, said the presenter.

“I would like emphasize that everything connected with the work with the channel remains unchanged, including Shinrai program, performing training, consulting, support and development of online-resources for the partners: “OKI academy”, OKIPartnernet etc. Nothing has actually changed for the end-user, everything has been preserved – the availability of products, including the latest developments, consulting support, testing performance and support as well as slightly updated warranty and post-warranty service. It is also important that the key staff of СHGroup is a well known professional team, which has been working at the OKI representative office for at least a few years”, said the CEO of СHGroup Taras Chabanovskiy, the head of OKI EuropeLimited representative office in Ukraine since 2014.

Taras Chabanivskiy also mentioned that the new format of work and Ukraine’s entrance into OKI CEE Export division opens direct access to other regional countries’ experience. We already see lots of innovations which can be transferred to the Ukrainian market. At the moment, the CEE Export region includes the Baltic region, Romania, all the Balkan countries plus Greece and Cyprus, and now Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, which are in the СHGroup’s area of responsibility.

“We believe that the local team as part of a larger region will be able to expand the existing opportunities, including participation in new programs, due to synergy”, said Jacek Tarkiewicz, General Manager/ Regional Marketing Central & Eastern Region Oki Europe Ltd. – I would also like to draw attention to the fact that in many countries where we have a very developed business and strong market positions, for example in Romania and Greece, we have long ago chosen not to have representative offices, but to work through local partners who possess the authorities required for the market development as well as the strong support at the regional level for participation in various tenders and projects realization”, he continued.

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