CHGroup held Shinrai 2019 seminar on behalf of OKI EuropeLtd

The Partner seminar took place on January 24, 2019 at UNIT CITY, comprising presentations of the speakers and an informal evening program.

The invited speakers were the representatives of the European offices of OKI Europe Ltd, who shared the experience of printing solutions and world trends and forecasts in the field of printing, and also reminded of the strategic directions of the development of OKI in the region. The event was attended by more than 40 dealer companies.

The seminar was opened by Taras Chabanivsky, CEO of CHGroup, reporting that the format of the conference has remained unchanged for many years as it has proven its effectiveness. Partners show vivid interest in the manufacturer’s news and innovative solutions for the optimization of their positions. Keeping pace with the current market trends, the main topic of this year’s event was the technology platforms with the ability to integrate with the Sendys Explorer software.

In their turn, the representatives of OKI company shared information about the company’s new segments related to retail, healthcare facilities and small manufacturing. Working in the new direction of IVP (industry vertical products) was launched in 2018, expanding qualitatively in 2019. It concerns using OKI devices for printing promotional products and accompanying documents directly in stores and sales outlets.

In his presentation, Wojciech Puchalski, OKI CEE Export Director, also focused on the analysis of the trends of the European printing devices market. According to the results of 2018, the growth was registered in segments of laser and inkjet MFds: the segment of laser devices increased by 3.2%, and inkjet – by 5.8%. At the same time, printers based on both technologies have given up ground: laser – by 3.6%, and inkjet – by 15%. Since the final data for 2018 in Ukraine has not yet been published by the analysts, Wojciech only mentioned the intermediate results of three quarters – 176.6 thousand printers of all types were delivered. As the speaker acknowledged, about 75% of all devices were sold by OKI in Ukraine in the fourth quarter of 2018, so the results of analytical companies should be twice as interesting.

Krzysztof Nakielski, OKI Product manager continued the conference program, speaking about updating the series of devices for full-color A3 printing. So in April 2019, the market is expected to launch an updated model in the C800 family, which is positioned as a top solution in the segment of A3 format. Among the improvements it presents is an accelerated output of the first page after the printing task delivery, with the required time being reduced by almost half: from 20 seconds to less than 10 seconds. For this purpose, a new consolidation node has been developed, which also has a power consumption reduced from 2.8 to 1.8 kWh*.

Daniel Kobylinski, OKI Europe Professional Services Consultant/ Project Manager&Solution Support Engineer has closed the seminar program. He demonstrated the features of Sendys Explorer software and its integration with the manufacturer’s devices, allowing the user to create efficient workflow solutions. The speaker reported over 5 000 customers around the world using Sendys Explorer in their IT infrastructures.